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In 1994 Chris Sawyer and MicroProse published Transport Tycoon. A year later, in 1995, the Deluxe version followed. The business simulation game is focused on leading a transpor company and building up a network of trains, airplanes, busses/trucks and ships. Despite being nearly 20 years old the game is still played by thousands of players every day.

In 2003 the works on an open-source version started, OpenTTD was born. While relying on the graphics and sounds of the old game for seven years, since 2010 OpenTTD is “complete”, being 100% open-source since version 1.0.0! Today the game is not only a copy of TTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe), but a new development, with a lot of added stuff, like custom plugins, new industries, larger maps, and even a 32bit-graphics-project.

I created a few maps, but stopped mapping back in 2008. I’ll have a few projects on hold since then, but might continue working on them if time allows. (Which has not been the case since then.)

Link to OpenTTD website: OpenTTD

Where to download my scenarios: OpenTTD Scenario forum

Alternate location in the OpenTTD Wiki: me@ OpenTTD Wiki

NewGRF/Addon Download see below the example screenshots…
Satelite Heightmap based on NASA SRTM-Data used to create my Europe Scenario for OpenTTD
Manchester and Liverpool as seen in my Europe Scenario


NewGRFs – Addons used in my maps

NewGRFs are addons for OpenTTD which enhance the game with new vehicles or even some gameplay features. I used four of them while creating my map, so you need to download them and activate them, too. Otherwise you won’t be able to play my maps.

– DB Set XL 0.82 by Michael Blunck: Download / Alternative Link

– German Tram Set v0.4.2: Download

– New stations v0.5: Download / Alternative Link

– Plane Set v1.5.3: Download

Note: I used New Stations v0.42, but the new version v0.5 should be compatible with older scenarios. I am hosting the German Tram Set for you myself, because it is not available anymore on the web. Just FYI, German Tram Set has been replaced by the German Road Vehicle Set, but I don’t think that is compatible with older scenarios.

For playing some of my maps you need a fully compiled version of OpenTTD inlcuding Bilbos’ Extra-large-maps-patch. Compiling is not an easy task, so I offer you a fully compiled version of OpenTTD based on beta version r12599M (which is a custom beta released before v1.0 etc.). If you really need to play this scenarios with the newest version you have to learn how to compile your own version.

Download r12599M inlcuding Extra-large-Maps-Patch & all Maps

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